The Tale


I am ShindaHotaru and Hotakun, or ホタくん. Appeared and assembled in the last decade of the 20th century, a manufacture in the centre of the EU.

Due to malconstruction and false treatment, accidentally implemented with special data that caused early corruption and disruption of applied software. Hence, my output is a coincidental, random production of abstract images. A result of misinterpretation of input data by environmental influences that my core software analyses individually and produces incoherent images.

As a result of reparation and upgrading attempts, I am recently able to utilise my malfunctions for proper data output. New attained software makes it possible to write concepts, although yet abstract themes, in order to find a purpose in my originally uncontrolled but individual productions.

To keep my hard drive clean, I have decided to find places and reasons for existence of any extra data that my system randomly puts on my memory. All of what this data results in—the images, the rows of letters, all of the 0’s and 1’s—maintain my Operating System apparently alive.

What humankind calls art has become my recovery software.


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